This henna kit is great for anyone wanting to try the art of henna. It includes one box of 100g of Jamila powder, 3 rolled cones ready to be filled, 9 pre-cut cone to be rolled, one bottle of organic essential oil mix, an illustrated henna instructions booklet (how to prepare henna paste, how to apply henna, how to roll cones) as well as a booklet containing simple designs to get you started with your henna creations.
PRICE :: $40.00 CAD / each (+ $14.50 shipping fees)


Jamila Henna is produced in Pakistan and is one of the finest henna powders on the market. It has dark staining power with rich tones of dark paprika or dark cinnamon. This henna powder is great to use as much for body art as for dyeing hair. Each box contains 100g of natural henna powder. No extra sifting needed. No PPD or any other chemical dyes added.
PRICE :: $10.00 CAD / each (+ $14.50 shipping fees)


These ready-to-use henna cones are really great if you want to try your hand at creating henna design for the first time, without the trouble of having to figure out how to prepare the paste. Each cone contains freshly made henna paste and can be kept in the freezer until you're ready to use them. You can buy them with the application instructions or without.
PRICE :: $10.00 CAD / each + instructions
PRICE :: $7.00 CAD / each

NOTE: Henna cones must be kept frozen so that the natural pigment remains intact. Online purchase is not available for this item. You can purchase henna cones at our studio .

These pre-rolled cones are very convenient if you lack the time or think you lack the skill to make them yourself. The cones are ready to be filled with henna paste and once sealed properly, can be used for creating your very own henna designs.
PRICE :: $0,25 CAD / each
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