This workshop is specifically tailored for kids and teens. The
Henna Body Art 101 workshop gives them a unique opportunity to discover this wonderful form of temporary body art, practiced for the past 5000 years around the world.

During the workshop, a brief overview of the history and traditions of henna body art is presented. Then, each participant will be given a henna cone — the tool used to apply henna on the skin — so they can let their creativity and imagination flow in a fun and inspiring atmosphere.

The Henna Body Art 101 workshop is aimed at :
• schools
• public libraries
• centre de loisirs
• community organizations

LOCATION :: At your school, library, centre des loisirs, etc.
DURATION :: 90 minutes
NUMBER :: a maximum of 25 participants
RATES :: $275 (henna supplies s included)

If you would like more information or to book any of our henna workshops, please contact Luma Brieuc at: