henna imageFounded in 2002, Lumanessence is a professional henna body art and temporary tattoo service based in Montreal. Our henna tattoo service is available for all types of special events and includes private henna session, glitter body art, custom designs, as well as henna workshops and products.

Each henna design is beautifully hand drawn by accomplished henna-artist, Luma R. Brieuc. Only the finest quality of natural henna is used and you can expect your temporary henna tattoo to turn to a rich reddish brown colour that will last between 7 to 21 days, depending on what part of the body the henna has been applied.


Our henna service is available for a variety of special events and is based on an hourly rate with a minimum booking of 2 hours:
• Party • Sweet Sixteen
• Bar/Bat Mitzvah
• Corporate • Promotional
• Bachelorette
• Bridal shower • Wedding
• Theme parties • Bollywood
• Prenatal henna blessing
• Graduation ball
• Special celebration
• Fashion • Belly dance
• Film & television

We travel on location covering the island of Montreal, as well as the North Shore, South Shore and Ottawa. If the location of your event is more than 2 hours away from Montreal, please contact us to find out the applicable rate.

Henna session for individual or small groups are provided at our private studio, located in Montreal near the Jean-Talon metro station.
RATES :: The starting rate for a single henna tattoo is $30 and increases according to the size and the complexity of the design.

We have a wide selection of patterns you can choose from. However, if you have a specific design you would like to have done, simply bring it with you on the day of your scheduled appointment.

henna imageFor thousands of years, beautiful and intricate designs have been created with henna to adorn the bellies of women during their pregnancy as a celebration of their fertility. In many African, Asian and Middle Eastern countries, henna is still considered to bring luck and protection to the mother and her unborn baby.

RATES :: The starting rate for a belly design is $50 and increases according to the size of the desired henna design. Prenatal henna sessions are done at our studio. However, they can also be done at you home upon request. (Hourly rate applies)

henna crownHenna crowns are an wonderful alternative to wigs and scarves for women and men who suffer from hair loss due to alopecia or from cancer treatment such as chemotherapy. Henna is a safe way to adorn the head and does not interfere with any medication, but most importantly makes you feel beautiful.

RATES :: The starting rate for a henna crown is $50 and increases according to the size and complexity of the desired design. Henna sessions are usually done at our studio, but we can also travel to you chosen location (home, hospital, etc.) (Hourly rate applies)


glitter imageBijou tattoo is our latest addition to our temporary body art service. These beautiful glitter tattoos come in all kinds of sparkling colours, can be worn on any parts of the body and last between 4 to 7 days.

For more information,
please click here: Bijou Tattoo.


BRIDAL HENNA :: for brides who want a truly unique look on their wedding day, we create custom designed henna to complement your bridal gown/outfit or saree.
TATTOO DESIGN :: If you're considering getting a permanent tattoo and would like a one-of-kind design, we create original drawings for you to bring to your tattoo-artist.
RATES :: please contact us to find out our custom design rates.


Our private studio is located in Montreal, a few minute walk from the Jean-Talon metro station near the Plaza St-Hubert. For more information on our henna service and rates, or to book an appointment please contact Luma R. Brieuc at: